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December 2014 Philippines deployment, technical report.

With the end of the December Philippines deployment now just over a month behind us we have completed the technical report for this deployment. Following is a short summary; Mission statement: To provide internet access to the main buildings &

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Give a man internet & he’ll surf for a day, teach him how to network and he’ll email you forever…

A big part of our work is sharing our knowledge and making sure that we leave the communities to whose aid we come better prepared. That means that we teach them to maintain the technology that we provide them with.

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Cebu update December 10 2014.

                Sitrep received from our team in Camp Arapal (North Cebu) this morning: Power has been restored to the camp. 1st Point-to-Point wireless link between hill 1 and main camp is up and

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Typhoon #Ruby / #Hagupit update.

As typhoon Ruby was making landfall in East Samar our team members started arriving in Cebu. With people flying in from Winnipeg, Belfast, London, Los Angeles and Sidney there was a worry that flights might be cancelled but luckily everyone

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*WIN* Fundraising Raffle *WIN*

UPDATE: As we only got partway to our goal of raising $3500 we have extended the deadline for this raffle to December 16th. Don’t miss your chance to win and enter now! As part of our ongoing fundraising efforts we

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Increased Philippine participation in upcoming deployment to Cebu.

DTL has always strived to include local volunteers during our deployment. Having local participation has several benefits, it keeps our overheads down, it gives us increased local knowledge and awareness and most of all it guarantees continuity of effort. Not

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Follow-up deployment to Cebu, Philippines.

During our initial deployment to the Philippines, following typhoon Haiyan in November 2013, we worked in several areas across the Northern half of the island of Cebu. Our teams built communications infra-structure, provided communication services, ran medical clinics and trained

To logo or not to logo….

We’ve been having some internal discussion about our logo for some time. ┬áThe current logo is one that is mostly a homebrew one with some tweaks added over time. Some of the comments we’ve had is that it doesn’t have

Technology & humanitarian aid: follow up mission to Philippines.

Following our successful 4-month deployment to the Philippines which finished last April we have now started planning a follow up mission and are looking for volunteers! The team for the upcoming mission will deploy to Arapal Camp on the island

Upgrading to the iPhone 6? Why not do something useful with your “old” iPhone?

The internet is a-buzz with the #applelive event where we’re seeing the launch of the new iPhone 6 (as well as a whole slew of new i-devices). Die-hard Apple-ites are already chomping at the bit to upgrade their iPhones as

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