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Give a man internet & he’ll surf for a day, teach him how to network and he’ll email you forever…

A big part of our work is sharing our knowledge and making sure that we leave the communities to whose aid we come better prepared. That means that we teach them to maintain the technology that we provide them with.

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I’m Rickard one of the volunteers! #guestpost

Hi I’m Rickard Sellstedt, I’m one of the volunteers with Disaster Tech Lab in Northern Cebu. My trip to the Philippines first started as a vacation but since I was here during the tyfoon I saw all the damage by

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Philippines deployment update.

November 15th 2013: As posted here earlier this week, we’re sending a team to the Philippines and plan to send another team a week later. Location wise we’ve decided to concentrate on the area North of Cebu which has been

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Typhoon #Yolanda telecoms restoration update.

We received an update on the status and repairs being carried our on telecoms networks across the Philippines. The report has been compiled and distributed by the GSM Association. Typhoon Yolanda MNO Updates Network Restoration Activities 14-11-2013 Operator Location Status

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