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Superstorm Sandy wireless communications assesment.

As part of our analysis of the post Superstorm Sandy disaster response we’ve compiled a “wireless communications assesment”. The content of this can be read below: SUPERSTORM SANDY WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS ASSESMENT   December 23rd 2012   Evert Bopp   Haiti

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Hurricane #Sandy response update

It’s been 9 days since our last update outlining our work as part of the hurricane Sandy disaster response work. Since then we have done some more fine tuning and trouble shooting at the Saint Francis De La Sales command post

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Emergency response full-3D tracking app tested by Charlotte PD

Charlotte PD recently tested a new emergency response app which runs on an Ipod and which tracks peoples location using WiFi and renders it in full 3-D. The Effective Emergency Response Communication (EERC) System uses complete 3D-mapped models of the

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