Philippines 2014 #Ruby #Hagupit


Disaster Tech Lab started planning for a follow up mission to the North Cebu region in the Philippines months ago. The mission was to build on and extend the work that our teams had done in the 4 months following typhoon Yolanda. Our team for this would be based out of Camp Arapal and the area of operations would be North Cebu. The mission would be a co-deployment with our newly formed sister organisation Disaster Medics.

Prevention is better than a cure and based on this ancient wisdom our teams where going to run a number of resilience building projects. Our technical team would be working on the following tasks:

  • Install a 3G internet backhaul service into the Camp Arapal location.
  • Extend internet access via WiFi to the whole camp/village.
  • Install a number of VoIP phones allowing incoming and outgoing phone communication.
  • Train local volunteers in maintaining the computer network equipment.

At the same time the team from Disaster Medics would be doing the following:

  • Provide refresher training for the local medical response team.
  • Run medical clinics in surrounding communities providing first aid and pre-hospital care.
  • Carry out a medical assessment for the region and share with national authorities.
  • Establish a permanent local medical clinic.
  • Provide medical supplies and equipment for above clinic.

As part of our policy to work with local volunteers we have partnered with the 5th TAS (Technical & Administrative Services Brigade – Reserve) of the Philippine Army, the Sambisig EMS unit and a number of other local volunteers.

Our team is currently on the ground and their arrival happened to coincide with the landfall of typhoon #Ruby (#Hagupit) to strongest typhoon this year. As always our timing was impeccable.

Our teams are exploring the possible need for our assistance to the ongoing response effort to typhoon Ruby at the moment and further updates will follow shortly.

In the meantime we encourage you to make a donation towards the costs of our work. It is the most direct way to see your charitable donation being well spent as every penny is spent towards helping people on the ground.

You can donate safely and securely online by clicking this link.


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