Liberia Ebola Response deployment.


Disaster Tech Lab has received a request from The Mentor Initiative to provide internet access and communication services in support for their “Masanga Mentor Ebola Initiative”.  This project is setting our to create a catalyst for a pedagogic transformation in training for infection prevention and control, through innovative educational technology and distributed simulation, to improve knowledge retention, confidence and ultimately competence – and to make quality assured training accessible on a greater scale than has hereto been possible.

What this means is that they are training local medical personnel in improved care, decontamination procedures and use of personal protective equipment. All done using tablet devices. These devices need to be updated with new content on a regular basis requiring a stable internet connection. In addition to this they need to be able to have weekly video-conferences with their head office in the UK for ongoing evaluation and coordination.
More details about the Mentor Initiative can be found here:

As this project uses tablets and video conferencing (for training) the organisation requires a higher bandwidth and more reliable internet service than the spotty 3G service available. They have requested that Disaster Tech Lab assist them in this. We will be sending out a team to Monrovia in Liberia early March to build the required local network and backhaul infrastructure. As this is a long-term project we will also train local people to enable them to maintain and support the network once it’s up and running.

We are now in the early planning stages of this deployment. The requirements call for a 3-4 man/woman team to travel to Liberia around the middle of March. Mission duration will be 10-14 days.

We are actively calling for available volunteers. Accommodation will be provided at the Mentor Initiative’s compound in Monrovia. Required skillsets are: WiFi/networking engineers & VoIP engineers. Registered volunteers can simply email us if they’re available. If you haven’t volunteered with us before please complete the volunteer registration form here.

NOTE: Our personnel will *not* come into contact with or work in close proximity to people being treated for Ebola.

we are also actively fundraising to cover our operational costs of this deployments. Donations can be made via our GoFundMe page by clicking the widget below.


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