Hurricane Sandy response

Disaster Tech labs has been involved in the post hurricane Sandy disaster response effort since October 29th. We initially worked together with members of the Crisiscommons organisation across the global responding to data gathering and mapping requests. One of the results is the “Sandy Comms Map” (linked from the image below) which locations of public wifi in areas hit by Sandy as well as telephone outages and more. The map is partially crowd-sourced with people on the ground reporting locations and details of services.

On Sunday we received a request from Humanity Road who were in urgent need of a local WiFi network and Internet connectivity for Command Centre which they were establishing in Rockaway, Queens. We mobilized a team of engineers and equipment and since the following Tuesday (November 6th) we have engineers on the ground.  The Command centre in Rockaway has now been fully connected with wifi inside and out and our engineers are now working on fitting out locations in Breezy Point, Roxbury & Red Hook.

As Disaster Tech Lab is a charitable trust we depend on outside support to allow us to carry out our work. There are many ways you can help and not all of these require you to be on the location. Please check out our “NEEDS” page for a list of our requirements.

Requests for connectivity or wifi networks in areas hit by Sandy can now be made online via this webpage.

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