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NWS Birmingham Launches New GIS Data Page

Currently on an experimental basis, the National Weather Service in Birmingham has developed this GIS data page in an effort to share meteorological geospatial information to the public and GIS analysts.  This page is intended to be a one stop shop portal

‘A State of Chaos’: The Joplin Tornado. Looking back after 1 year..

May 22, 2011, Joplin, Mo. The storms had been threatening all day, and the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning at 5:17 p.m. At 5:41, it arrived. With winds clocked at well over 200 mph, it cut a swath

In Surrey, network of radio operators will help in catastrophe

So what happens if all that fancy communications technology we depend on crashes when a major earthquake or some other catastrophe hits? Surrey’s civic government, RCMP, firefighters and Emergency Health Services have that problem covered, with a cheap and relatively

Emergency Planning Exercises for Your Organization

FEMA Private Sector Division, Office of External Affairs began a new series of tabletop exercises in 2010 as a tool to help private sector organizations advance their organization’s continuity, preparedness and resiliency.  The series is a part of the Division’s