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Loss of focus?

We’ve received some comments since we started our Philippine deployment early December asking why we were providing medical services in the Philippines and what has happened to our work in the area of building WiFi networks to provide emergency communications?

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Arapal Camp, Bogo, Cebu.

While assessing damage caused by typhoon Yolanda last week we were contacted by someone from Christian Relief Fund and international charity which also operates in the Philippines. They had been working at a location called Arapal Camp in a rural

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The reach of social media in disaster response scenarios.

Following the recent Boston bombings there has again been a lot of discussion on the role which social media plays as part of the dissemination of information and advice following disasters and public safety incident. The discussions this time has

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Better Incident Management with ADASHI Systems COP Solution

Bob Pessemier over on the Emergency Management website has an article about an interesting suite of software that let’s you manage & track your emergency response actions. Introduction No matter the size or complexity of an incident, data and information

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‘Maximizing Mobile’ Report Highlights Development Potential of Mobile Communications

The new World Bank study says that about three-quarters of planet’s population now has access to a mobile phone. Around three-quarters of the world’s inhabitants now have access to a mobile phone and the mobile communications story is moving to

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Pioneering Accelerator to Drive Use of Innovative Technology to Support Nonprofit Sector

NEW YORK, NY, Jul 17, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Today, FEGS Health and Human Services, one of the largest and most diversified health and human service organizations in the country, and its subsidiary company, All Sector Technology Group, a

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Raising support

Today we have updated our “Support/Join” page. As we are a charitable trust we need YOUR SUPPORT to enable us to do our work. While we have received a lot of very valuable support already in the last 2+ years

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Social Media tells the Story of Storms in Harford County, Maryland..

The iDisaster 2.0 blog has a great post on how social media gives access to a wealth realtime info on disasters. Knowing how to filter your stream and using hashtags & keywords will allow response work to be more accurately

Real-Time Public Health Data Improves Situational Awareness

When an ice storm hit Austin, Texas, in February 2011, Judy Henry decided it was time to provide real-time public health data to officials in the EOC. At a recent conference, Henry, an epidemiologist with the Austin/Travis County Health and

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Congress Funding Social Media in FEMA..

Kim Stephens, a social media blogger, posted this Social Media in House DHS Appropriations Bill for 2013 The blog post provides some interesting information on how Congress is pushing and funding FEMA to do more with social media. It makes