Below is a list of letters of support, testimonials and projects which support our work:

Evert Bopp
Founder, Disaster Tech Lab
Eagle Hill, Abbey
Loughrea, Ireland
Dear Evert,

In behalf of Arapal, we would like to thank you for your wonderful partnership of sending materials and man power to help us in our disaster work in the  Philippines. Many have benefited from your organization, especially the presence of the good workers you have sent. It has connected our people in a more personal and meaningful way. The satellite project and medical trainings are invaluable for many years to come. We look forward for  continued and productive partnership as we have much work left to do.
God bless you in all your efforts to help those affected by disasters. You are always welcome in Arapal.
Sal Cariaga

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Jan 24 2013 E Bopp Letter of Support

  • Your efforts and focus are laudatory and quite important” – Dan Stoneking, Director, Private Sector, Office of External Affairs FEMA
  • “I fully support your efforts here and will continue to do so in the future” – David Kirk
  • “you’re in the process of helping our country” – Amstyl Polycarpe
  • “The unconditional compassion you continually show towards humanity is awe inspiring. Great things will come from your actions for many years to come” –Carmen Villadar
  • “The work you are doing is necessary. At first glance, people might think that wireless internet is not a priority but it is vital. Much of the South to South development strategies are dependent on access to the internet. Access to the thousands of online volunteers that assist local NGOs by providing needed functions is only through internet access. I lived for three years in one of the poorest countries in the world. Fixed phone lines outside the capital were rare. Mobile phones were the only way to maintain contact. People outside the capital could really only access the internet through wireless networks. Education, training, news, skills and lobbying all require internet access. It will be years before any sort of fixed line is available. It is a wonderful job you are doing” – Mór Rígan
  • “Thanks again Evert. I don’t think even you realize the magnitude of electricity at a hospital. Patients don’t even want to leave CAMEJO even after them being discharged. When our generator broke down, we were force to rely on a backup one of only 4kW. Needless to say we were very limited in the care we were able to offer and were frequently forced to subject hospitalized patients to spend the night in the dark. Thanks to the generous folks at Haiti Connect, we now enjoy a 60kW generator and are able to power all of our medical equipment without interruption to service. It powers our operating room and all of the equipment in our trauma services. We treat 100-115 outpatients daily and 20 inpatients on average daily” – Jodel Charles, Renewal4Haiti 


Following is a list of organisations in Haiti to which we have either provided Internet access,IT equipment or which we have supported in other ways;

  • CAMEJO Hospital, Leogane
  • Medishare
  • GLOW Ministeries
  • College Mixte Paul Robert
  • College St George
  • College Philadelphie
  • Fondation Espoir, Port Au Prince
  • Centre de Projets Central Jeune Ayiti
  • Lycee Nationale de Petion-Ville
  • RAMAK, Port Au Prince (Community Radio Network)
  • Men Kontre, Petit Goave (Community Radio)
  • KLOFA pye, Petit Goave, (Community Radio)
  • Radio Rebel, Anse d’Hainault
  • Experience FM, Arniquet
  • TRAC FM, Grand-Goave
  • Radio Cayimite, Milo
  • Radio Flambeau 2000, Jean Rabel
  • Radio Fantastique, Port Margot
  • Radio Gamma, Fort Liberté
  • Eko Pilate, Pilate
  • Vwa Pèp La, Plaisance
  • Voix Paysan Sud, Les Cayes
  • Azueï Inter, Fond Parisien
  • Radio Boukman, Cité Soleil
  • Radio Zetwal, Fondwa/ Léogane
  • Vwa Peyizan Abriko, Abricots
  • Pipirit FM, Anse d’Hainault
  • Radio Kalalou, Desdunes
  • Radio Francisque, Gros Mornes
  • Voix de G.Mornes, Gros Mornes
  • Demokrasi FM, Dano


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