Disaster Tech Lab can provide a wide range of services to organisations in areas affected by disasters.

  • Internet access: we can provide internet access to any temporary or fixed location.
  • WiFi networks: We can install a local wifi network providing wireless internet access to desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets or more. Our WiFi networks can be configured for private (encrypted), public access or a mix of both.
  • VoIP services: we can provide VoIP services allowing inbound and outbound calls. This can be done using your own provider or a third party.
  • Public Internet facilities: we can install “internet cafes” for public use with laptops, iPads printers and scanner/copiers.
  • General IT services; we can provide desktop & laptops support as well as network & sys-admin services.
  • VPN services: if you require a secure connection we can provided a dedicated VPN connection tailored to your needs.


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One comment on “Services
  1. I’d like to offer my services in the areas of:
    – Web based mapping
    – 3D Design for a variety of applications
    – Web Design/Build in Joomla v3.x

    I hold the Google Geo3D and KML Developer Certifications.

    Please let me know if such services can aid these recovery efforts.

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