At Disaster Tech Labs we are passionate about using the latest technology to assist disaster response work. We are constantly looking for ways to apply new technologies in scenarios that might improve the effectiveness of disaster response teams. Not only do we research, test and apply these technologies, we also develop new concepts and technologies.

Disaster Tech Labs also has a pool of skilled & experienced volunteers which can de deployed in response to disasters across the globe. Currently we are available to deploy local & wide area wifi networks as communications networks for disaster response teams, NGO’s and other relevant organisations.

Disaster Tech Labs is an evolution of the work done by Haiti Connect, an organisation founded in response to the 2010 Haiti earthquake. Haiti Connect has used wifi technologies to built long-range and local wifi networks offering Internet access, voice & data communications to a wide range of organisations in Haiti. Disaster Tech Labs is the next step in taking these skills and experience and offering them where they’re needed across the globe.

Disaster Tech Labs is a non-profit organisation and depends on volunteers and donors to carry out its work.

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