Extending the Lesvos network.

Our team worked on improving our network on Lesvos last week. One of the big steps in this was connecting the network backbone to the University of the Aegean’s network in Mytilini.
This link is adding an additional 500Mbps backhaul to the network increasing the capacity tenfold.
To do this we had to build a radiolink from the University campus in Mytllini to the telecoms mast on Profitis Ilias (the highest point on the island).
The pictures below show the Michael, Miguel and Donald at work with the support of Panayiotis from the University’s IT department.

IMG_20160802_150400 IMG_20160802_150600 IMG_20160802_150554

IMG_20160802_150602 IMG_20160802_150909 IMG_20160802_150905 IMG_20160802_150644

IMG_20160804_140933 IMG_20160804_140939




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