Op White Khyah: WiFi for Nepal 2015

Image courtesy of CNN

Image courtesy of CNN

Disaster Tech Lab is deploying a team of IT/Networking engineers to Nepal later this month. During the initial relief effort following the April 25th and subsequent earthquakes it has become clear that reliable & resilient communications are an issue for many NGO’s operating  in Nepal. One of the large NGO’s which has been operating in Nepal for many years is “Operation Mobilisation”. Their compound just South of Kathmandu is being used as a hub by many other NGO’s and humanitarian organisations. This makes resilient, scalable communications even more essential.

The Disaster Tech Lab team will build a wireless Point-to-point link from the center of Kathmandu to the Operation Mobilisation compound. This P2P link will provide a reliable internet service to the compound. From there we will build a public and a private WiFi network covering the compound. The next step will be the installation of a VoIP service providing in- and out-bound calls. The resulting network will provide resilient internet access and communication services not only for Operation Mobilisation personnel but also for all the other NGO’s using the compound as their hub.

While in Nepal the team will also examine the options for providing reliable communications for the OM field teams and work to provide a suitable solution to this problem also.

The team will be composed of 7 volunteers from Europe, the US and Australia and will be using networking equipment generously donated by Cambium Networks as well as GPS SPOTgen3 trackers from Globalstar.

You can support this deployment by making a donation via our GoFundMe page.

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