Launching down under.


With offices in Ireland and the USA we are now taking the next step in our global expansion by establishing an Australian branch of Disaster Tech Lab. Our recent work in the Philippines has resulted in an influx of Australian volunteers and establishing a permanent presence there is the next logical step. Not only does Australia have it’s own fair share of disasters, a base there will serve as a springboard for deployments across South-East Asia decreasing our response time. (Note: this team is also open to volunteers from New Zealand and Tasmania).

We already have a core team of volunteers but are actively recruiting for more. If you have one or more of the following skills and are interesting in volunteering and gaining some invaluable experience than please complete the form below.

Wanted skills : 

  • WiFi engineer
  • VoIP engineer
  • Vsat/UMTS/Cellular engineer
  • Alternative energy (solar/wind) specialists
  • VHF/UHF/UVHF/HAM radio
  • Fundraiser
  • Marketing
  • Logistic manager
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2 comments on “Launching down under.
  1. Evert, I have passed your link onto Andrew Bowman. Andrew is a friend and radio technician. He works for the Department of Justice, is a Level 3 Comm’s Planner, and is currently implementing the new digital encrypted radio system for the State of Victoria.

  2. Evert,

    I’ve also passed on your details to Marcus Cromb another friend. Marcus is a guru on Satellite, WiFi and VoIP systems.



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