Give a man internet & he’ll surf for a day, teach him how to network and he’ll email you forever…

A big part of our work is sharing our knowledge and making sure that we leave the communities to whose aid we come better prepared.
That means that we teach them to maintain the technology that we provide them with. There would be no point in installing something that won’t be repaired when it breaks, the developing world is already rife with collapsed and abandoned aid projects.

That’s why our team currently on the ground in Cebu the Philippines has started teaching local volunteers the basics of computer networking, and even the case of wireless networks the first lesson has all to do with wires (cables).

Martin Keding ran a class yesterday teaching volunteers how to splice ethernet cable. The newly accumulated knowledge was immediately put into practice running lengths of cable as part of installing another Cambium Networks ePMP device. Tomorrows class will cover basic IP addressing and “troubleshooting the network”.



































































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