Increased Philippine participation in upcoming deployment to Cebu.

DTL has always strived to include local volunteers during our deployment. Having local participation has several benefits, it keeps our overheads down, it gives us increased local knowledge and awareness and most of all it guarantees continuity of effort. Not only can we ” leave”  some of our knowledge and skills behind but we also create a local capacity able to follow up on the work that we’ve done.

That’s why we’re delighted to be able to announce that our upcoming deployment to Cebu has a substantial amount of local support. Not only do we have several volunteers based in Manila and Cebu but we have been approached by the Fifth TAS (Technical & Administrative Services Brigade – Reserve) . This is a reserve unit of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The unit comprises medical doctors, nurses, veterinarians, teachers, engineers, lawyers etc and is based in Cebu city.

The 5th TAS has offered to support our deployment with both personnel as well as logistical support.

To receive this level of support is an honor and will be of great benefit to the quality and impact of our mission.

Remember, we still need your support to make sure that this deployment is a success. Please go to our fundraising page and make a donation today!


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