Sea Rescue

We just received a report from our team in Bantayan who were involved in a sea rescue today:

This morning while we were waiting to begin our training for BVERT volunteers we received an emergency call that the persons ferry heading to Santa Fe from San Remigio was having difficulties and was unable to dock due to high seas and heavy winds. Eric was onboard returning from Cebu with the wifi equipment and luckily he had brought a two way radio with him giving us immediate communiciations and updates from the ferry. A rescue plan was launched by the mayors office and Alanna deployed to the ambulance with Sandy as translator and Wayne joined the rescue boat (he is a licensed seaman with all ship and sea survival) to provide medical care with the SAMU medical team. On arrival to the vessel the rescue team boarded the vessel and worked to evacuate the 300+ passengers to local boats while the rescue boat transported mothers, babies and persons with disabilities.
During a very difficult operation (weather was very bad wind and rain), 1 of the boats carrying passengers we had evacuated capsized due to the high sea and wind. Thankfully the rescue boat was near by and full emergency response took place.
The people were recovered to the rescue boat and the ferry, unfortunatley one passenger, a 23 year old female from the boat that capsized, was very seriously injured as she sustained head, spinal and thoracic injuries due to been struck by the boat. We recovered the injured party and transported her on the rescue boat safely back to shore, were Alanna and the ambulance were awaiting to transport the patient to Bantanya local hospital.
Today saw the true & urgent need of coordinated emergency services on the island. Thankfully all souls recovered were alive, we send our thoughts and prayers to the injured passenger and her family. All together 300 passengers were recovered from the ferry and 3 transferred by ambulance. Our thanks to Eric for his communications and thanks to Sandy for all his translating and assistance with the patients we cared for.

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