Irish flooding crowdmap.

In the middle of our current Philippines deployment Ireland, where we’re based, is being hammered by some of the heaviest storms in decades. This is being accompanied by spring tides and has caused widespread flooding and damage, especially in coastal areas. We at Disaster Tech Lab went looking for an online resource containing locations and data of the flooding. Apparently these is none. While there are lots of individual tweets and Facebook updates there is no one resource where data is being collated. The “Irish National Flood Hazard” website hasn’t been updated since 1995.

Rather than sit and hope for someone else to build one we’ve used the online CrowdMap tool by Ushahidi to build one ourselves. It’s a true crowd-sourcing project as people can submit location, pictures and information on flooding.

All we need now is to get the word out. Please share the link widely:

Ireland flood crowdmap

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