Philippines deployment update.

November 15th 2013:

As posted here earlier this week, we’re sending a team to the Philippines and plan to send another team a week later.

Location wise we’ve decided to concentrate on the area North of Cebu which has been badly hit but which is receiving far less attention and aid than Tacloban.
We have flights, accommodation and equipment at the ready but have still room for more volunteers.
You need have experience with computer & wifi networking, be available for 1-2 weeks at least and be able to work in an adverse environment.
Please comment here contact us via email if you’re interested.

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7 comments on “Philippines deployment update.
  1. David Willsey says:

    Hi Evert, I won’t be able to join you on this deployment, but I’ve been tracking the disaster relief efforts in the Philippines with great interest.

    Are you going to be locating your efforts on one of the many disaster mapping projects? So far, I’ve identified:

    1. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team

    2. The Digital Humanitarian Network

    3. Google Crisis Response

    Please let me which of these maps you’re deployment is going to show up on. And best of luck for a successful deployment.


  2. Evertb says:


    Disaster Tech Lab is part of the Digital Humanitarian Network and hence we are (periphically) involved in their mapping process.
    However as it is our speciality we are focussing most of our work on providing internet access and communication service on the ground.

  3. Berlyn Kilala says:

    Hi Evert

    I met you in Limerick during my time in the Absolute Hotel & Spa. I am in Manila at the moment and I am happy to help in any way I can. I have prior commitments for 30th Nov and 7th Dec but let me know if there I can help here in any way.

    On behalf of my people here, thank you for coordinating this.


  4. EdwinC says:

    Hi Evert,

    This is the first time to get notified by IEEE on this, I am an IEEE member based in Cebu. I could have volunteered earlier have I known this group before STY (super typhoon Yolanda) made landfall. I am also involved in CFC-Global Mission (Couples for Christ) community also based in Cebu. We are part of early respond team to this calamity, I myself with my family responded by sending food aid supply to friends in Kawit, Medellin (Northern Cebu) the day after the typhoon made landfall to this area. Also made a follow up shipment of construction materials and 4×6 meter tent and food supply to our recipient families in the same area. Our local community CFC have made shipments to Ormoc, Bantayan Island and Northern Cebu towns as well. I know that our effort here is too little to late but will surely help at least in saving lives to those who are already on the edge for so many days now.

    Let’s see what more we can do.


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