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It’s been sort of quiet on this blog for the last few months. However that doesn’t mean that nothing has been happening. To the contrary, there are lots of things going on behind the scenes! We do not want to release full details until everything is complete but we’ve decided to lift a corner of the veil to give you a bit of an insight on what to expect.

Following on our global expansion last year and our two deployments in the US interest in our services has greatly increased. More organisations and people want to be able to use our services and want to ensure that they can do so during future deployments. To facilitate this we have been working hard to increase our capacity but also to streamline and improve our organisation. We’re making organisational changes to improve efficiency, transparency and corporate governance. As part of this we’re working to form a board of advisors made up of people who have earned their merits in the industry so you can look forward to an announcement on that soon.

Work is also ongoing to improve our operational efficiency and logistics. A big part of this is the creation of pre-packed and pre-configured deployment kits. These can be shipped to disaster areas and will be easier and quicker to install. All this will shorten the timespan between the decision to deploy and the moment we fire up our networks.  We’ve established a new staging area in San Antonio (Texas) and plan to establish one on the US West Coast as well as another one in mainland Europe.

Lastly we’re working towards improving community and volunteer engagement. A big part of this will be centered around an online community were volunteers and members of the public can read more about our ongoing deployments and technical projects but were they also can engage with each other and with us as an organisation. The will also be more events & workshops in the future centered around the use and development of technology in disaster response.

In short, there is lots of news coming so STAY TUNED!

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