Sharing broadband in Oklahoma, we can help!

With the huge influx of disaster relief workers into the greater Oklahoma City & Moore area the need for communications has drastically increased. While we are helping by providing Internet access via WiFi in several locations local residents and business who have fixed broadband access can also contribute by sharing access through a WiFi access point. While most of them already have a WiFi router they might not want to change the configuration of this device.
To enable these people to still safely share their broadband we are able to supply WiFi access points specifically designed for sharing access publically. These wifi AP’s have been kindly donated by FON. The FON Access Point allows you to share access to your broadband while still protecting your own network and network devices. Read here how it works.

We can install and configure this device for you and as a token of our appreciation the AP will be yours to keep.

Interested? Please email us for more details.

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