Time for a change!

It has been just over six months since we made the decision to expand our work globally by setting up Disaster Tech Lab. Disaster Tech Lab had a two-fold purpose; firstly to offer rapid response communication support to organisations working in disaster areas or humanitarian actions and secondly to develop new technologies for use in disaster response and to stimulate others in the development of these technologies.

Since then Disaster Tech Lab has rapidly grown, it has been behind a number of Crisiscamp events in Ireland, has provided on-the-ground support to the post hurricane Sandy disaster relief work in NYC. Following this first deployment of Disaster Tech Lab we have also been asked to join the (voluntary) FEMA Innovation Team.

Because of this growth and to avoid confusion the Haiti Connect board of trustees has passed the resolution allowing a transition from Haiti Connect to Disaster Tech Lab as the name of our organisation.  The date of this transition will be January 1st 2013. From that day onward all activities will be under the name “Disaster Tech Lab”, all updates and information will be posted on the Disaster Tech Lab website and all email will come from an Disaster Tech Lab email address.

This does not diminish our commitment in Haiti but it merely serves to avoid the confusion that we only work in Haiti. The Haiti Connect website will stay online so that all information therein will still be available.

The Haiti Connect Board of Trustees.
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