Month: September 2012

Interesting & relevant presentations from 2012 Homeland Security Summit

The following presentations from the 2012 Homeland Security Summit are worth viewing: Enhancing Information Sharing through Geospatial and Data Services EQUIS Mobile: Access Satellite Imagery in a Crisis Esri Disaster Response Program Fusion Centers and the Future of Information Sharing in

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Digital Maps Assist Emergency Responders

A digital map applicationhas revolutionized the way emergency responders are finding locations in rural areas of Frederick County, Va. The county’s IT department and GIS division created a mobile map book that operates on smartphones and tablets without using an Internet

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Researchers Study Waldo Canyon Fire Twitter Activity

Researchers at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and the University of California-Irvin are currently participating in a project titled “Project Heroic” (funded by the National Science Foundation). The overarching objective is “to better understand the dynamics of informal