Better Incident Management with ADASHI Systems COP Solution

Bob Pessemier over on the Emergency Management website has an article about an interesting suite of software that let’s you manage & track your emergency response actions.


No matter the size or complexity of an incident, data and information drive emergency response. If you want to provide the most efficient, effective, and coordinated emergency response to every incident, then you might take a look at some of the software applications that come under the heading of Common Operating Picture, Situational Awareness, Crisis Information Management, or Incident Command and Management. The best of these applications can be used for incidents of all types and sizes. ADASHI Systems has a flexible and well thought out application you might explore.

Solution Overview

The ADASHI solution has three applications that offer increasing functions and capabilities. You can start with the basic version, ADASHI Dispatch, which offers navigation and routing (AVL) to incidents along with your local GIS and pre-planning information; then move on to ADASHI First Response which can provide detailed incident guidance, hazard modeling, checklist support, and NIMS support functions; and finally the ADASHI Command Post offers comprehensive incident management capabilities including comprehensive  incident and unit mapping, Incident Command, Resource Tracking and Management and much more.

The full story here

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