WiFi blocking wallpaper….

he past several decades have seen a dramatic shift in the way we connect to the world around us. The nearly ubiquitous presence of Wi-Fi and cellular coverage allows us to consume and receive information wherever we go throughout the day and night. The trend has been hurtling towards more and more connection, not less, and is only occasionally interrupted by pleas from friends to stop checking our email every ten seconds and take a few minutes to slow down.

Engineers at the French Institute of Technology and the Centre Technique de Papier may have found a fairly low tech solution for those who want less connectivity, not more.  As reported in the Wall Street Journal, engineers recently announced the creation of “…’midprice’ wallpaper that would block cellular and Wi-Fi signals, while letting through AM/FM waves and emergency transmissions.” The wallpaper uses a combination of silver particles and a special snowflake pattern to block a variety of wireless signals. The wallpaper will be marketed to organizations requiring more network security, hotels, theaters and people who want to avoid wireless signals because of health reasons.

Full article here

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