In Surrey, network of radio operators will help in catastrophe

So what happens if all that fancy communications technology we depend on crashes when a major earthquake or some other catastrophe hits?

Surrey’s civic government, RCMP, firefighters and Emergency Health Services have that problem covered, with a cheap and relatively low-tech solution: amateur radio.

It’s called Surrey Emergency Program Amateur Radio, or SEPAR, a non-profit society manned by licensed amateur radio operators and other communications volunteers.

This network of Ham radio enthusiasts will help authorities keep in touch with one another as they work to save lives in the event of a catastrophe, should telephone, computer and cellular phone services go down.

Surrey firefighters and Mounties will have access to these $700 radios, which can run off car batteries. Surrey Fire Hall 1, at 88th and 132nd Street in Newton, is the SEPAR communications headquarters for the city.

Full details here.

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